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    2023-06-22 10:00:18


    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

    I am now back to China safe and sound. In this letter I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to you and your lovely children for your kindness and hospitality to host me when I was in New York. Your generous help and tender care made me feel warly welcomed and transformed my first American trip into a beautiful memory.

    I do hope that your whole family pay a visit to China in future, so that I could have the opportunity to repay your friendship. I assure you that you would enjoy visiting here as I did at your home.

    I feel obliged to thank you once more.







      You have just come back from a student exchange program in the U.S. Write a letter to your host family in New York to express your gratitude for their hospitality, describe the help they gave you, offer to repay their help and invite them to visit you.

      You should write about 100 words on ANSWER SHEET 2.

      Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use “Li Ming” instead.

      Do not write the address.












    Date and Place


    Minister of _____



    Dear Minister,

    I am writing this letter to thank you for you warm hospitality accorded to me and my delegation during our recent visit to your beautiful country. I would also like to thank you for your interesting discussion with me which I have found very informative and useful.

    During the entire visit, my delegation and I were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm expressed by your business representatives on cooperation with China. I sincerely hope we could have more exchanges like this one when we would be able to continue our interesting discussion on possible ways to expand our bilateral ecomomic and trade relations and bring our business people together.

    I am lookingforward to your early visit to China when I will be able to pay back some of the hospitality I received during my memorable stay in yur beautiful country. With kind personal regards,

    Faithfully yours,


    Mr.___ Minister of Economic Cooperation


    Dear _____________ ,

    ① I am now writing these few lines to express my sincere thanks for _____________(感謝事由)。

    ② I'd like you to know how much your meant to me. ③ You have a positive genius for_____________(對收信人某一方面的贊美).

    ④ I not only enjoyed _____________, but also_____________.

    ⑤ I shall ever remember _____________as one of the most _____________in my life.

    ⑥ I hope to have the opportunity of reciprocating(報答).

    ⑦ I will feel very honored and pleased if you _____________ (表達自己回報的心愿)。

    ⑧ I am looking forward to seeing you next time!

    ⑨ I repeat my thanks for your_____.

    ⑩ Please give my kind regards to your________.

    Yours sincerely


    Thank you,Mr.Gibson.I feel deeply indebted to you and I really dont know how to thank you enough for your help.Its a great honor to be following in your footsteps as Overseas Sales Manager.

    To be honest,this promotion came as quite a surprise.Id like to think its mainly a recognition of the teamwork,above and beyond the call of duty,in my department.On that same note,Id like to thank all my colleagues in the company for their enthusiasm and hard work.Due to their efforts,weve really gotten some overseas projects off the ground for Action.

    Looking to the future,Id still like to maintain contact with everyone,even though Ill be working at the senior level.Well,what Im trying to say is I wont let this step-up go to my head.My door will always be open.

    Thank you again.